5rr Sales Formula Review

5rr Sales Formula


This is my review of 5rr Sales Formula, a new course on how to make money by doing Done For You gigs on Fiverr. The course is by Kartikya Dhiman, Gaurab Borah,, and Tom Yevsikov. It is a complete and detailed course on how to properly set up your Fiverrr account and profiles, post proven and successful gigs which are done by you using the Done For You templates that have all of the heavy lifting already finished and ready to use like well oiled machines in a Fiverr money factory. The course supplies 4 ready made, widely requested gigs and you are kind of filling in the blanks for buyers, importing their specific data into the ready made templates. I will be showing you just a peek in side the doors behind the scenes in the 5rr Sales Formula course, but let me say right up front that this course offers everything you need to quickly begin making $20 to $80 a day using their Done For You packages. You don’t need any experience, any tech knowledge or any special skills to deliver a highly sought out job when you use one of the four job gigs they have prepared for you. The 5rr Sales Formula course contains a PDF instruction and over 90 minutes of detailed instructions on the whole process of getting set up in Fiverr, writing your ads for the any or all of the 4 highly sought out gigs, and exact instructions on how to use the templates to quickly and easily get the jobs, get them done quickly, and get paid. Nothing is left out. It is quite detailed and complete.

I am offering a bonus to any of you that purchase 5rr Sales Formula using my affiliate link http://netcashfasttrack.com/blog/5rrSalesFormula of the Traffic Explosion course which consists of videos on 6 different traffic sources to help you get a rush of new traffic to your blog, product offer, affiliate offer or list building program. The Traffic Explosion also include a cheat sheet to save you steps and a traffic mind map to help you see the big picture of directing a a stream of new traffic to you.

I am quite amazed at the depth and detail of the 5rr Sales Formula. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give 5rr Sales Formula a very solid 9.5 rating out of ten. If you want to start making money using Fiverr by delivering highly sought out Fiverr gigs even though you have no previous experience or special tech skill, this course should get you there.

Here’s the link to get more info on the course:  http://netcashfasttrack.com/blog/5rrSalesFormula Go now to check out the course for your self.

Image Suite Product Review

Kurt Wells NetCashFastTrack

Image Suite Banner

Everyone that works online needs quality images to give their content more pop. The problem is not every one is qualified with the most common image creation software. So what are you to do? Hire it out (outsource) and wait for several days or more to get quotes and production time from Fiverr or Elance?

What if you could quickly and easily find royalty free images and modify them to your exact needs in minutes? Here’s the link to the demo: http://netcashfasttrack.com/blog/imagesuite

So I purchased Image Suite 2.0 and I like it a lot. It makes finding and editing all kinds of royalty free images quick and easy. If you are any thing like me, you will appreciate that. Regular price of $97.00 is significantly reduced with the time sensitive special offer. Don’t miss out!

Use this link http://netcashfasttrack.com/blog/imagesuite  to purchase Image Suite, see their demo, or get more information on the product.

Podcasting to Bring New Traffic to Your Blog or Website

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Since I started this journey to making money online, I have heard that the key to getting an online business going is getting massive amounts of traffic (clicks or visitors) to your site. I’ve discovered that really is a gross over-simplification. What is really needed is traffic that converts… and I believe that the best way to have great conversion is to develop a relationship with your visitors.Let  them begin to know more about you. Be of service to them. One of the first ways I have found to be of service is by making videos about some of the internet or website challenges I encounter and how I solved or overcame them. It does bring visitors to this site. I had 884 unique visitors last month. That’s not an overwhelming number, but it’s a growing number.

The next project to bring more visitors is a podcast. Podcasting is exploding and is a great way to introduce yourself to people and let them get to know you. I have chosen John Lee Dumas to guide me in getting started. John’s rise in the blogging, podcasting arena has been meteoric. No one has seen anything like the success of his Entrepreneur On Fire podcast and blog. In late October of this year John released his own membership/coaching program called Podcasters’ Paradise for everyone interested in starting a podcast or in moving it forward to a higher level. I have to tell you it is every thing it is reported to be and more. In addition to the numerous video lessons on every aspect of developing a successful podcast, John and his fiancee/partner Kate Erickson have created a community of podcasters that assist each other with growing their podcasts.

If you follow me on Twitter @NetCashFastTrack you will see that I Tweet often about all aspects of tips to grow your online business. Being an active part of a community of like minded people is invaluable to knowing what to do, how to do it, and why to make your business better. Podcasters’ Paradise captures the best of the technical points and blends them into an active relationship with others that can inspire, inform, and advise you to the steps that will lead you in the direction you are looking to move. There is every bit of the technical information about what to do and how how to do it, but for me, the new friends I have made inside the Podcasters’ Paradise Community is by far the best part of the program. I have gained a load of knowledge about putting a podcast together and gained invaluable insight on podcasting, running an online business, using social marketing to promote your business, and made some terrific new friends that share many of the same goals. I have also made new friends that are quite different than me. I have to tell you that diversity of thought is a powerful turbo tool to moving your own thought forward.

Stay tuned for more information on the release date for my own podcast, but if you are wondering about starting a podcast yourself, feel free to use these links for more on John’s very successful Podcasters’ Paradise program (they are affiliate links by the way) http://netcashfasttrack.com/blog/Paradise .

You can let me know what topics you would like to hear about and suggest guests you want to hear from just by posting your comment. I’d really like to hear from you!

How to Get Royalty Free Music for Videos and Podcasts

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In this short video, Kurt Wells of Net Cash Fast Track provides a look at where you can get access to royalty free music tracks to add musical background to your videos and podcasts. YouTube has created a cool new tool for video and podcast creators or anyone needing a source of royalty free music for creative endeavors. It’s a music library of instrumental tracks in five categories and 10 genres. They call it “The YouTube Audio Library”. They have added this new tool right to their site that provides a catalog of musical choices over 150 selections separated by genre and then multiple categories. Adding music to a video or podcast gives it more dimension, more depth, making it more interesting and therefore a more attractive target to both views, listeners, and search engines.


  YouTube has placed this tool right on their site, conveniently in the video manager section. To locate it, sign in to YouTube, click on your profile picture or the drop down box in the upper right, and select video manager. Once in the video manager, look down the left side, almost to the bottom to “creation tools” and find the “Audio Library”. Click on “Audio Library” and you are there. You will notice it says “Download background music for your videos. For free.” Notice that right under that are the headings or categories Featured, Genre, Mood, Instrument, and Duration, as well as a tab to bookmark your own personal favorites. The Duration tab has a timer slider that you can use to select tracks that fit you time specifications.

YouTube describes its reasoning for creating this royalty free audio library on their YouTube Creators blog as follows – “When you’re uploading a video to YouTube, knowing where to search for the perfect song can be tricky. We do our best to provide creators with tools to enhance their content and to simplify this process, but we wanted to make it even easier to find great music for your videos.

That’s why we’re launching the the YouTube Audio Library today. Any YouTube creator now has access to more than 150 royalty-free instrumental tracks you can use for free, forever, for any creative purpose (not just YouTube videos). You’ll find a link to the library in your video manager and you can browse the tracks by mood, genre, instrument and duration. The tracks can be downloaded as 320 Kbps MP3 files. “ .


  So now that you know that they have created this tool for you, what are you waiting for? Check out this video (background music supplied by YouTube Audio Library) for a quick look around at what it looks like and how it works and add some music to your next creative content project. It’s cool! It’s fun! And it will make your content more engaging, more interesting, and set you apart from the crowd. And those qualities are the things that get you more attraction to viewers of your videos, readers of your blog, or listeners to your podcast.


 Kurt Wells has been involved in internet marketing and making money online since January of 2011. His blog http://netcashfasttrack.com/blog/ contains posts and videos on tips for making money online, blogging, technology, and search engine optimization tips. He can be found on Twitter @NetCashFastTrac.


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Upload Your eBook to a WordPress Site and Deliver It Easily

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Got an eBook ready that you want to use as a gift to your new subscribers to your list? Yours or a personalized PLR product – doesn’t matter. If you have a PDF document – which most eBooks are – that you need to upload to your WordPress site and then be able to deliver it via your autoresponder to your new subscriber to you your list but don’t know quite what to do, I will solve that problem right now!

If you have a WordPress site, you don’t need to go anywhere else to accomplish your goal. This works for any image or PDF. If you are new to making money online or internet marketing, delivering your free eBook can be a challenge. Enter your name and email in the box and get valuable tips and information about how you can get started or get better at making money online.

Have a question or comment? Put it in the Leave a Reply section below or the Comment bubble up top by the title of this post. I promise to do my best to handle it for you.


The Need to Network in Internet Marketing

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There seem to be two kinds of people that take up internet marketing – the work alone type and the work with others type. Most people learning this make money online business start out as the first, mostly I suppose because they think they don’t have much to offer. The work alone type often struggle to get going because they are either afraid to ask for help or are just unwilling. A few will stumble forward in their own little world long enough to discover what works to have some success.This is usually a slow, cumbersome process, bogged down by the time it takes for the trial and error formula to start to blossom.

The work with others type will make new connections with successful people that are already winning at the internet marketing game and having a great time enjoying their achievements. Here’s an amazing discovery – they love to share their success with others! Think about it –  if you struggled to do something noteworthy and then achieved it, wouldn’t you want others to see you in that role as a leader in your field? Certainly, but I believe even more powerful is the desire to see others have their lives changed because of the influence they have by sharing the stories of their march to triumph!

When people that have overcome adversity tell their stories, the world moves forward! The effects change us for the better. We are inspired and lifted up to hear how they overcame the obstacles they faced. They give us hope. They breathe life back into us when we are teetering on the edge of giving up! Talk about CPR! I believe that might be the biggest reason successful people enjoy giving back – they recall the people in their own life that helped them – gave them a breath of inspiration when they needed it most, and they have deeply rooted desire to pay that forward in honor of the people that made a difference in their lives.

So here I am. I believe in leading by example, so I will be reaching out to successful people in the internet marketing/make money online field because I know that beyond just helping me get better, they want to help you! I will keep you posted with what happens as I do. I would like to ask you to do the same. Let me know what you think as we move forward by commenting on these posts. I appreciate you!


How to Easily Add a Video to a WordPress Blog Site

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So you want to add a video to your WordPress blog or website. You searched the web for instructions, but it still doesn’t seem to work. If you are struggling with this, you are probably missing some simple, yet vital parts of the instructions. I’m going to help you out. There are a number of videos that show some of the steps. but most of them leave out important parts – probably because they take it for granted that you already know how to do it. If you are like me, the reason you are looking on the web for a how to video is because you don’t know everything about it. GOOD NEWS – because in the past I have struggled with the process myself, I’m going to give you written instructions here as well as a video to show the steps.

You may realize that if you go to YouTube or any other video sharing site that you want to use, that you can get a link to share your video and place that link in your blog, allowing your readers to click the link and go to your video, but if you want an actual video player to show in your blog post with your video displayed, you have to embed the share code in your blog.Trust me, the video is not only more SEO friendly, but your blog both appears and is more interesting and useful to the readers with the video. Here’s the secret squirrel part of that process – you have to be in the html or text mode when you are inserting that code.

So, back to the YouTube site where your uploaded video lives, look for the share button and click it. A box with a link to copy will pop up. That link will only show as a link – that’s not what you are looking for, but you are close. See the word embed  next to it? click that and another box appears with html code high lighted. Right click and copy that code. Now log into your admin panel for your blog and pick out the blog post that you want that video to show in. If you are like most of us, you are in the visual mode when you are writing your blog posts.  Look to the upper right for the two tabs that let you move or toggle back and forth between that visual mode and the html or text mode. Depending on which theme you picked when you set your blog up, you will have visual and html or visual and text mode tabs. Locate where you want the video  to show and then click the html or text mode tab.  Look to find that spot that you picked and paste the embed code there. When you click back to the visual mode you will most likely see only the outline or from of the video player. Don’t worry about that.  “Save” your draft and then preview  your blog post. The video should show in the preview. Check the video to watch me do this. It is really simple when you know the secret. I don’t mind sharing it with you. That’s why I am here for you. I am posting tips to help anyone get more traffic to their blog, learn some the behind the scenes stuff I am learning as I build my Internet marketing business. Leave me a comment if you liked this or have any questions – I like the company.

Talk soon,


How to Upload a Video to YouTube

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Need to know how to upload a video to YouTube or other video sharing site? Here’s the simple easy way to do it. Wow! There’s a video!

You might want to upload a video to YouTube just to share with your friends, or perhaps to illustrate a point on your blog. Using videos on your blog will make your blog post more interesting – I know – I need all the help I can get! Fortunately for me and you, I do know how to record videos and upload them. I get better at it every time I do it again. That means when I first tried it, I was really bad, but like most things in life you get better as you work at it. I plan to post a series of helpful videos on this site about useful tips on making money on the internet and easy ways to build an online business. If that interests you as well, keep checking back to see what is new. Using video will not only make your blog post more interesting, but it can help you get traffic to your blog. I have heard that search engines like video. I’m really not sure if that is true, but I know for a fact that if you post something that people need or want to know more about, people will come. Even if it’s just mostly for their amusement.

Stay tuned here for more tips and videos and let me know in the comment/reply box if you have a question about anything I cover here or in the video – I’m here to help. Trust me, I know what it’s like to struggle with some of this stuff. Also, if you have a request for any topic about internet marketing or building an online business, feel free to ask. Even if I don’t have the answer myself, I am really good at asking for help from my friends.

Enjoy the uploading!


Outside My Internet Marketing Comfort Zone

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The magic happens outside your comfort zone. So that is where I am heading. I am on quest to move to a higher level in the internet marking game. I have thrown down to do it – to actually make it as an online marketer; therefore, I commit to do those squirrely things I need to do to grow and develop new skills, relationships and habits that will take me where I have CHOSEN to go. Why do I say it like that? Because I have made a decision and committed to act on that decision. I will be applying some of the very same techniques and lessons that I am learning from Alex Jeffreys.

Where I started: For many years I was a Fire Rescue dispatch supervisor. I loved it! Still do! It was the best job I ever had. No question it was challenging, but I worked with Great People and got to help lots of people. But age was catching up with me and I knew I had to make a change. I wanted something I could do that allowed me more control over my time – something where I could work a less challenging schedule. Real estate investing was something I was interested in and had some experience in, some I purchased some courses. One of those courses taught me the basics of internet marketing as a tool to building a real estate investing business. That course was my start in the internet marketing business, but it turned out only a small first step – it fell way short of my expectations, but it gave me valuable experience and got me started building a list. My friend Josh Brown encouraged me to keep moving forward.

Where I am now: I have learned a lot in the last two and a half years – and picked myself up and kept falling forward. Art Williams, one of my former mentors used to say “when you fail, just keep falling forward.” Well, that, I have done. I have done some marketing with Susan Lassiter-Lyons and had some success there. Susan is a top blogger and a fabulous role model. No one can out work her and her team in delivering outstanding content and customer service. She is a true role model – which she would probably find funny because I am old enough to be her father. I have to say Susan has been a very positive influence on me as an info marketer and some of the biggest successes and growth have been due to my friendship and association with her. But seriously, I have not been knocking them dead in this internet marketing business. It is important that I let you know I have struggled and had more disappointments and failures in this business than most people ONLY because I am still here – still learning, still growing and still falling forward. Art  Williams used to say “you have to be willing to be bad at something before you just be average, Then you have to be average before you can be good. Then you have to be good before you can be great! Then it’s a DOG FIGHT to get to the TOP.”  I left Art’s company many years ago, but I carry with me daily many of the GREAT things I learned from him. I just want everyone to know I have gotten bloody and stunk it up a number of times in my life to have a few great successes. All thanks to people that have encouraged me to fight for what’s important and to do what is right along the way, and just pick myself up and keep going when I mess up.

Where I am going: So where am I going? I am letting every one that is interested that I am “throwing down” in the internet marketing business. I commit to make a five figure income by the end of this year and to take it to six figures in 2014. I will not stop. I will not quit. I will not give up! I will take action. I will keep learning. I will keep acting outside my comfort zone repeatedly, consistently, DAILY, until I become as Alex Jeffreys describes it “unconsciously competent” in the internet marketing business. Thank you Alex for your inspiration.

So if you are still with me, let me tell you I am going to be serving up a lot of what I am learning as I stumble forward on my journey. I will be posting here about what I am learning as well as the pitfalls I fall into along the way. So if you let me, join me here for information, videos, training, tips, advice, and just plain help on any area  internet  marketing. You can leave a comment or question on any of these posts and I promise to do my absolute best to get you an answer myself or from any of the outstanding people that already have the answer you are looking for.

Do me one favor – If any of this resonated with you, leave me a comment and let me know. If you have questions about this post or any other internet marketing or online business, how to blog, or how to get traffic to your website, leave a reply or comment. And for sure, if you are in the internet marketing field – or want to be, stop by and introduce yourself. I can assure you I certainly can’t do it all by myself. I’ll be out there – outside my comfort zone. It should be fun!

Want to Make Money with Internet Marketing? It Starts Here!

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Looking for the magic button that will allow you to immediately start making big money on the internet? Truth is it will take a little bit longer than you hoped. Most people interested in making money online expect or expected it to be easy. Good news: It is Simple! Bad News: it is not Easy!  You are going to have to develop some new skills. Your development as an internet marketer will be a journey. Let’s take that journey together. I promise to tell you the truth as I know it, good and the bad, point out some of the land mines you may encounter (I have hit my share.), and always give you some good direction to the way forward on our internet market journey.

Who am I? I’m a former 9-1-1 Fire Rescue dispatch supervisor, a real estate investor, and have worked in the info marketing field since the beginning of 2011. I’ll be sharing more on that as we go along,

So how am I going to offer you a fast track to making money online? By providing a spot right here where you can ask questions, get feedback, network, find resources. and in general hear about what works well and what doesn’t (work all that well). you can come here with any question about building an online internet marketing business and seek guidance. Trust me, it won’t all be coming from me. I need help. So if you are just starting out as an internet marketer and have questions, leave a comment. I will do my best to handle it or even better, to get it from another internet marketer that has solved that problem and moved on to another. If you are an internet marketer making money online, let me hear from you. You know we are all better when we work together.

Let me also invite you to valuable insider training from a top trainer in the internet marketing field –  my friend Alex Jeffreys reveals why the top 3% of online marketers make more than the other 97% combined – insider secrets that will give you the ultimate unfair advantage of having a head start on the competition in starting and running a successful online business. Here’s the link to register for that free training: http://www.netcashfasttrack.com/ . Go and get that training if you have not already done so.

Remember to come back and leave your comment, question or insight in the reply box below (Click below where it says leave a reply.). I look forward to hearing from you.